Sound and Light show at the Giza Pyramids

Sound and Light show at the Giza Pyramids

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      1. car, subway or taxi to the Nile Coptic Quarter

      From your hotel you can leave with your guide to the oldest district of Cairo, the Coptic quarter. The whole day you have a car with private driver available, but if you like it to agree to the Egyptian public transport, then this is your chance!

      For tourists, it is almost impossible to independently to travel by public transport in Cairo, for example, there are no fixed stops for buses and the announcements in the subway in Arabic. Too bad, as this can be a tourist never really experienced what does the Caïrenen everyday life look.

      At Kingfisher Tours we like to give you therefore the possibility to address the Nile Taxi or (hypermodern!) Subway with your guide to the Coptic district; like Caïrenen itself.

      1. Visit to the Coptic area of ​​Cairo

      The Arabic name for the Coptic area of ​​Cairo is “Masr El Qadima. “Qadima ‘means old and the history of this district not only reflected in the name, but also in architecture. The Coptic district is in fact built in Roman times and sits atop the remains of the Egyptian Babylon ‘, a Roman fort from the 4th century AD.

      The Hanging Church and the Coptic museum

      Traditionally Masr El Qadima is the place where in Cairo attended the Copts, Egyptian Christians. The neighborhood is also full of impressive churches, the “Hanging Church” is the best known. Your guide will today show how the Roman and Coptic history merged in this building: the “Hanging Church” is built on two bastions of the Roman ramparts, thus at that time literally hung over the Nile.

      We also visit the Coptic Museum. The art collection in this museum gives a comprehensive picture of the Coptic religion. The colorful frescoes here bezichtigt are very detailed and everywhere recognize the “Coptic Cross’, which looks very different from the traditional Christian cross (it has equal arms).

      St. Sergius Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue

      A little later in this quarter is the St. Sergius Church, where the Holy Family would have gone into hiding to escape the persecution of King Herod. Unfortunately we can not in the crypt, but only its Biblical history makes this church worth visiting.

      The district has more religious buildings, but the story of the Ben Ezra Synagogue is a story that is very familiar to many people with a Christian background. It is thought that this synagogue was built on the spot where the daughter of Pharaoh wicker basket has met with Moses from the Nile.


      1. Time for lunch

      Between visiting the Coptic quarter and the Ibn Tulun mosque there is enough time to have lunch at your leisure. We are not tied to a specific lunch place, so you can choose what you crave.

      Your guide will help you to find a nice local restaurant, or maybe you wanted to get acquainted with the popular Egyptian take-away dishes: shwarma (like Dutch shawarma, but with a slightly different taste) or stocking hari ‘(a vegetarian meal consisting of rice, pasta, lentils, chick peas, and fried onions covered with a tomato sauce – and recommended!).

      1. Ibn Tulun Mosque and Gayer Anderson Museum

      After lunch we walk to the world famous Ibn Tulun Mosque, the largest mosque in Cairo. The Ibn Tulun is not only the largest but also the oldest mosque is still in its original state. It is an impressive building with a special architecture. Compared to other mosques the Ibn Tulun is a very sleek design with few bells and whistles. You can guide all the questions you want about the building, but also about the Islamic faith and the modern Caïrenen this practice.

      Right next to the Ibn Tulun mosque you will find the Gayer Anderson Museum. These are two Ottoman houses completely decorated in oriental style and give a good insight into how people lived in those days.

      Depending on what you want to see all yourself, there are still many more beautiful mosques in the Islamic district. Likewise, you can visit the El Rifai Mosque , where the last kings of Egypt (Fuad and Farouk) are buried. Or take a look at the Al Azhar mosque , where moderate “Mufti” determines the direction for the entire Islamic world today.

      1. Transfer back to your hotel

      After this intensive cultural tour you’ll afternoon returned by your chauffeur to drive to your hotel. Kick back and just relax at the hotel!