The Tour Cairo Family in a Nutshell

The Tour Cairo Family in a Nutshell

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      1. Actually, there are four reasons why children love to go on holiday to Egypt. They want to:
        1. see pyramids
        2. camel ride
        3. Learning all about mummies
        4. And lots of swimming!

        And let that be exactly what you can do any time on this day in Cairo! Because during this tour Cairo combine back the Giza pyramids with a visit to the children’s museum and you’re still early in the afternoon to enjoy a swim at the hotel!

        1. Pick up from your hotel

        You can choose your departure time, because today you’re out with a private guide. If you go around 9:00 pm, you will be back around 14:00 at the hotel. Leave earlier also, you keep the worst crowds and heat at the pyramids for.

        You will be picked up at the hotel reception by our guide. In a lovely cool car with chauffeur drive you to the pyramids of Giza.

        1. Climbing and scrambling of the pyramids of Giza

        We start this day with what you can not see anywhere else in the world: the enormous pyramids of Giza. On the sands around the pyramids you go on a discovery with its own private guide who speaks not only Dutch, but also another archaeologist / Egyptologist.

        While the guide tells about pharaohs, Egyptian gods, mummies and mysterious tombs full of treasures, kids can have fun climbing and scrambling on the massive granite blocks of the pyramids. Our guides take so long trips with children in Cairo, they know exactly what stories for the whole family are interesting.

        If you want you can even the pyramids in order through the corridors and stairs to climb up to the tombs where once the mummies in layers. Tickets for this are limited, but your guide will help you like to get a ticket on the spot for the best pyramid.

        1. Camel ride and make funny pictures with the Sphinx

        Time for some nice photos with the whole family! At the pyramids is always blown laugh when Mom and Dad are trying to climb onto a camel (surprising how smoothly hear children always do ;-)).

        And not just a camel ride is worth recording: our guides have become expert at making funny pictures of family archives. Make’re all a joy jump for a pyramid or give a kiss to the Sphinx.

        Furthermore, you can be amazed how close the Sphinx and the pyramids are in the city. The guide will tell surprising stories about treasure digging trips from the basements of neighboring houses and that makes you look suddenly very different to all the sand around you. Who knows what treasures are hidden !!

        1. On to the children’s … or an ice cream

        Today you travel with your own car / van with private driver and guide, so you can decide whether you want to stop somewhere after the pyramids, for example, get an ice cream, or you prefer to drive straight to the children’s museum. The museum itself has a large garden where you can just something nice to eat or drink.

        1. Join and explore in the children

        Late in the morning you at the Children. The kids can straight away the great Egyptian adventure dive!

        The museum is designed for children (up to 12 years) and has no boring presentations, but all kinds of interactive games, exhibits and computer games that children actively learn about the history of Egypt.

        Just some examples of what children can do at the museum:

        • The large statues of Ramses II reverse engineering with huge foam blocks.
        • Elephants and crocodiles look in the Nile Delta recreated in the museum garden.
        • Getting started as an archaeologist: nice dig for ancient treasures.
        • Learn how to make a mummy.
        • Playing with the floodgates of the Aswan dam.
        • Hieroglyphics puzzle together and crafts Egyptian animals.

        The museum has four floors with different themes connected “by the time stage” through together. The first two floors are called “Where I come from ‘and’ Who am I ‘and go over the history of Egypt; about mummies, pyramids, Tutankhamun and the rural life along the Nile. Stage 3 and 4 are about the present and the future of Egypt. For Dutch / Belgian children are the first two floors of the museum often enough to be entertained for hours. Since the museum closes at 14:00, it is therefore wise to start on level 1 and 2 along with your guide.

        1. Transfer back to hotel

        The chauffeur will take you back in time back to the hotel. You have still a good few hours to swim or relax disappears at the hotel pool for the sun.