Traditional Sufi Dance Show in Cairo

Traditional Sufi Dance Show in Cairo

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      1. The Sufi dance show in Cairo will take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays and is performed by the national Egyptian folk group Al Tannoura, in one of the most beautiful national art centers of Cairo: the Wekalet El Ghouri art center. The art center is located near the Khan el-Khalili bazaar and the show is also a nice evening to conclude with a day off in the Muslim Quarter.No commercial tourist show but a national cultural project

        The performance at the ancient Al Ghouri Palace of Sultan Al-Ghouri Qansuh is not a commercial tourist show, but a local cultural project funded by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

        Tourists know the local cultural center not generally available, but locals are already in line early to get a seat. Tickets for the show are indeed sold only at the door.

        Someone from the local Kingfisher team comes along to buy a ticket

        English is not always spoken to the door of the art center, so as part of this night is tonight one of the Kingfisher team with you to show the way to the theater and help with buying your ticket.


        The evening look?

        18.00: Pick up at hotel by private driver and one of our team

        Around 18:00 you will be picked up by someone from the local Kingfisher team in Cairo at your hotel. With a car with private driver to leave you at the Al Azhar mosque. From there it is a 5 minute walk to Wekalet el Ghouri.

        19:00: start ticket sales in theater

        From 19:00 start ticket sales at the door of the old palace of Sultan Al-Ghouri. Cairo upper class is special to the old town center of this cultural event and therefore we make sure we have something for seven, so we can get a ticket and a good place in the hall.

        As one of the few Western tourists feel you in line at the theater really just one of the inhabitants of this vast oriental city. The facilitator of our local team speaks Arabic and will help you if necessary to buy the ticket and then it just depends on what you want:

        Option 1 – a good place if you want to be sure of a good spot for the room, you can go straight to the best the room, choose a good spot and there at ease a little nakletsen the day and wait for the show begins.

        Option 2 – tea if it was quiet at the door, or if you do not mind to sit back (or stand), you can after you won get out the steps row ticket to something drinking at the famous El Fishawy tea, or one of the many coffee shops around the art center.

        From 20:30 to 21:45: Sufi whirling dance show

        At half past nine starts ‘Al Tannoura’ dance show, the Egyptian version of the famous Sufi dance. This was originally a religious dance in which men accompanied by uplifting Arabic music performing a whirling dance twist. In brightly colored traditional dresses they turn on their own axis minutes with their robes as huge circles float across the stage.

        Medieval hall at Al Ghouri palace is the perfect setting for this energetic dance performance. Musicians playing uplifting Arabic folk music on rababa, flute, tambourine and drums, which they dancers spin faster to make their own axis.

        Originally, the Sufi dance is actually a form of meditation or spiritual ‘discharge’. They try to be one with God and the earth by continuing to turn around as fast and long as possible; it really is amazing how long the dancers can keep this up!

        This evening will be mainly staged a compelling cultural show, but it’s not hard to empathize with the spiritual idea behind the dance: you can almost mystical atmosphere and feel the spiritual energy.

        Al Tannoura dance company is one of the best dance companies in Egypt. They provide a representation of high level and with the particular location is to offer a unique and impressive evening.

        21:45: Transfer back to hotel with private chauffeur

        After the Sufi dance show are the driver and your ‘personal coach’ already waiting for you. We always hear from our guests that this is very nice, because once the show is over flow of visitors to the streets and burst there ‘scoring taxis typical Arabic ritual of release. You step just relaxed in our driver, whom you sure you he calmly and safely through busy traffic steers back to the hotel.